Welcome to Samnicki Russian Blue Cattery

My name is Robyn Hackworthy and I am proud to present my family of Russian Blues.  My love of these majestic cats goes back some 15 years. When my husband and I retired it gave me time to indulge my passion for breeding and showing.

I have been lucky to have had very experienced mentors from the Cat Fancy, and I thank Kay, Sally, Pam and Sharon for their guidance and entrusting me with magnificent kittens from their lines. 

Our recent litter  from our two award winning Queens have now all been sold.  My girls only have a maximum of two litters a year so If you are wanting a Russian Blue kitten it is wise to contact me on 02 4365 6430 so I can put your name on the 'new parent' waiting list. 

History of the Russian Breed

Unlike so many modern cat breeds, the Russian Blue is a naturally occurring breed which is believed to have originated in the port of Arkhangelsk, on the White Sea of Russia, not far from the Arctic Circle.

The Russian Blue Cat has a lean well toned, medium-sized body and a short, plush, blue-grey coat.  The colour is the dilute expression of the black gene.  The coat is unique to the breed as it is a double coat, with the undercoat being soft and downy, and the longer guard hairs an even blue with silver tips.  The tips give the coat a shimmering appearance.



About Us

Back in 1993 we were given 2 beautiful part Russian Blue kittens. We named them Sam and Nicki,  they were adorable, smart and playful, with the most beautiful nature of any cats that we had owned. Unfortunately Sam passed away at the age of 12yrs and we were devastated, as was his brother Nicki. We set about finding a pedigree Russian blue and was lucky enough to come across a delightful lady from Tintola Cattery, they bred our magical boy Tintola Evanokov, also known as Joey. Joey and Nicki became great mates and we were back to a happy group of felines and humans.